205 Days Until College Basketball

We’re now only 205 days away from College Basketball officially beginning.

I saw JUCO prospect Terence Lewis committed to North Texas today.

The first Pac-12 game of the 2020-21 season will be Stanford at USC on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.

Washington State’s EJ Elleby has declared for the 2020 NBA Draft while retaining his eligibility.

Southern Miss transfer Gabe Watson has committed to Tulane.

Arizona will host Cal Baptist in the 2020-21 non-conference.

Gonzaga will host North Florida in the 2020-21 non-conference.

Wendell Moore will return to Duke for the 2020-21 season.

I’ve had people ask why I don’t support the one-time transfer rule that allows players to play immediately and also use the coach leaving for another job comparison. Well, here’s my response:

1. Coaches have to pay buyouts when they change jobs. Transfers do not. One is a professional. One is an amateur.

2. When a player transfers and sits out, they get an EXTRA YEAR of:

  • Free education
  • Free meals
  • Cost of attendance
  • Pull grants
  • Another year to train

Here’s just a stat:

In the last five years of the NBA Draft, 300 different players have been selected. Only 14 of those players have been transfers. That’s 4.6 percent. 12 of those players redshirted.

Also, if that transfer rule does pass and players are allowed the one-time transfer without having to redshirt a year, graduation rates will take a nosedive. There’s roughly 700 transfers a year, probably more with no redshirt, most schools not taking all the credits you are trying to transfer to, how do you graduate in four years? The answer is: you don’t. The extra year in residence to the school you transfer to HELPS kids.

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