Green Bay Packers fall to New York Jets at Lambeau

An embarrassing performance by the Green Bay Packers (3-3) at Lambeau Field this afternoon resulted in a 27-10 loss to the New York Jets (4-2).

Matt LaFleur said he doesn’t like beating his friends…did he ever not beat his best friend and brother today. The Packers are 3-3 and have lost consecutive regular season games for the first time under LaFleur.

It was a truly pathetic showing by Green Bay today. The first thing is reconfiguring the offensive line, because it is not working and that unit was brutal today.

The second thing is Matt LaFleur and company need to scheme for the team that you have and not the one you want.

It’s not just the offensive line. It’s not just Aaron Rodgers. It’s not just the play calling. It’s all of these coming together to make this terrible offense.

So many things are going wrong and that’s what you saw today.

This team has no heart and they’re playing embarrassing football right now.

The Packers had 13 possessions in this game. Aaron Jones, the teams best offensive player that’s not the quarterback, had 12 touches. Make it make sense.

Aaron Rodgers said that the offense needs to “simplify.”

Here’s the full quote for context: “Based on how we played the last two weeks, I think it’s going to be in our best interest to simplify things.”

I usually don’t root for firings mid-season, but the Packers need to make a business decision and terminate Joe Barry.

Green Bay barely beat Bailey Zappe. Lost to an injured Daniel Jones. Lost to Zach Wilson. Let’s see if Taylor Heinicke is any better next week!

There will be plenty of hot takes this week, but here’s the simple truth – there’s not one thing the Packers do well right now:

  • They can’t run
  • They can’t throw
  • They can’t get turnovers
  • Special Teams is better, but still not good
  • The defense can’t stop the run
  • They are inconsistent in pass defense

This is by far the most adversity that Matt LaFleur has faced in his Green Bay Packers tenure. The Packers have three straight road games coming up. They responded horribly today, but the next few weeks are going to be insanely telling.

This seems futile and putting more resources into this season isn’t something I’d personally do, but if they have any slight thought of turning things around:

  • Put Adam Stenavich back in the O-Line room full time
  • Move Jenkins to guard and Yosh to right tackle
  • Acquire a deep threat
  • Pray

I texted my family early in the second half today that the Packers were paying homage to the 50s with more than their uniforms today. Sadly, it didn’t get better after I sent that message.

Up Next:

The Packers will travel to D.C. to play the Washington Redskins (2-4) at FedEx Field next Sunday, October 23rd. Kickoff is scheduled for 12:00 p.m. (Central Time).

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