Milwaukee Brewers Season Ends With Gut Wrenching Game 4 Loss

The abrupt end to a special season is such a terrible feeling and nobody knows it quite like the state of Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Brewers season comes to an end with Christian Yelich ($200 Million) taking a called third strike, as the Atlanta Braves eliminate the Brewers with a 5-4 victory in Game 4 to win the series 3-1.

A Freddie Freeman solo home run off Josh Hader in the Bottom of the Eighth was ultimately the deciding factor. It was the first earned run that Hader had given up since July 28.

It’s only fitting that Yelich would strike out looking to end the Brewers season…. How does he not swing at that? Two strikes, season on the line…..protect the plate!

Today was the day where we remembered that one of our two high leverage relievers couldn’t handle his alcohol and punched a wall.

Thanks, Devin.

People that want to complain about Counsell “resting” players, which quite frankly didn’t happen to the position players, in September as the reason they lost this series are flat out wrong. This offense, while they finally scored some runs today, has had these issues all season long!

The Brewers offense had plenty of chances in this series to put them in position to get wins.

People will talk about starting Eric Lauer over Corbin Burnes, when the real big decision was starting Christian Yelich over Tyrone Taylor.

Were Yelich’s struggles all season all injury (back) related? Or is this going to be a real problem going forward?

Kolten Wong, Christian Yelich and Avisail Garcia combined for six hits and zero RBI in the NLDS.

“It’s definitely disappointing. I understand that I’ve got to play better, I’ve got to do better. Take the offseason and figure out a way to do that,” Yelich said.

It was a thud ending to what was a special and promising season with all of the elite pitching. Just a crushing end to the season.

The Milwaukee Brewers won’t play in the World Series for a 38th straight year.

I was ready for a laugh, not a breakdown. Six months, 162 games and Brewers postseason lasted a total of five days.

The Milwaukee Bucks title run was just a mirage, it’s back to endless pain forever.

My mood:

Lesson from the last few days:

  • I think sports hate me.

My heart really does break for Bob Uecker. No one deserves a Milwaukee Brewers World Series more than him.

The Brewers won 96 games, including playoffs, and made it to the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season and they’ve done this all after losing 94 games in 2015.

Coming up short again, though, is not a feeling that’s going to go away anytime soon. When you get invested in something, be it sports or other aspects of life, and it doesn’t go your way, it can sometimes feel like someone ripped your heart out, stabbed it a million times and then put it back with no care or worry.

A day will come when we’ll all be able to reflect on this season and what the team accomplished, but in the moment right now, we’re all really disappointed and it’s hard to get past the disappointment as I sit here and write this. But in the end, we had big goals and we didn’t get there.

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