Disturbed After Reading an Article

So I just got done reading this article that Madison.com posted today regarding UW men’s basketball head coach Greg Gard and the seven seniors from the 2020-21 team.

My instant reaction is that this is the softest group ever assembled that played at the University of Wisconsin.

Who the hell gave these players the idea that they’re bigger than the program?

I’ve never been angrier reading an article. And recording a closed door meeting is the softest thing I’ve ever seen. Grow up. Coaches coach.

Meetings behind close doors need to stay behind closed doors, that’s the way it’s been done forever. I’ve had countless hard talks with every coach I played for, and I’d still go to bat for them any day.

Your relationship with your coach isn’t going to be perfect and easy all the time.

Plus, Gard isn’t the one on an eight minute scoring drought every game. Get outta here.

It seems as if there needs to be a Director of Player Personnel where anytime a player comes off the court after a practice or a game, that person is there to tell them that they’re doing great. That seems to be the world that we seem to be moving towards where everyone gets a participation trophy.

I’m glad Brad Davison is the only senior from last season’s team coach to return.

I truly am rooting for these guys and their futures. But this getting out affects all of them, I hope they know that. Future employers and/or coaches aren’t going to want a guy that is recorded saying “We will never talk to you again or win for you.”

If this was a coach that recorded this, it’d be even worse! And I’d gladly eat my words on the players (except for the ‘director of player personnel’ comment).

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