Eventful College Football Saturday

Today was an entertaining day of College Football.

If you like seeing faces get punched, then the Florida-Missouri tussle was a good time!

The Michigan Wolverines lost in Ann Arbor to a very mediocre Michigan State Spartans team, and I’m being generous saying MSU is mediocre. Michigan was 21.5 point favorites!

This feels like the end for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan. The most overrated head coach in college football history strikes again. I will give Harbaugh a shoutout for not wasting anyone’s time with expectations this year and just going ahead and losing to their arch-rival in Week 2. Very mature and selfless move from him. Respect. #FailToTheVictors

Rutgers had an amazing “play” while trailing 37-21 to Indiana with less than three minutes to play, where they kept lateraling and wound up getting a touchdown. However, they reviewed it and one of the laterals was (barely) an illegal forward pass. There should be a rule where if a play is really cool, there are no rules.

Ohio State beat Penn State 38-25 tonight putting the Nittany Lions at 0-2.

Clemson had a terrible first half, mainly on defense, but came back to beat Boston College 34-28. Boston College is a solid team this year that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Virginia beat 14th ranked North Carolina 44-41, while Texas beat previously undefeated Oklahoma State in overtime.

Iowa blew a 17-0 lead and lost to Northwestern 21-20.

Ole Miss blasted Vanderbilt this afternoon in Nashville, 54-21. I have to imagine Vanderbilt will send Derek Mason and his 27-51 record packing after this season. But who knows, COVID-19 has saved a lot of jobs in college football and college basketball.

As I conclude this blog, there’s still two games going on. Nevada leads UNLV 27-19 entering the 4th Quarter. BYU leads Western Kentucky 38-10 with 3:19 left in the 4th Quarter.

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