Do the right thing, NCAA

For all of the Winter and Spring sports that didn’t get to experience the postseason championship season, I hope that the NCAA grants all of the 2019-20 seniors another year of eligibility.

The NCAA probably won’t do anything for the Winter sports players since they played the regular season, but it isn’t fair to the graduating players.

For example, Hofstra made the tournament for the first time since 2001, and not one of those seniors will get to experience the Madness of March.

In a related but off topic note, I’m against athletes getting paid to play the game. However, I do think they should get compensated a percentage for the players jersey, shirt, etc. sales that have their name, number, likeness.

In the few days that we’ve been without sports, I’ve been playing my NCAA Basketball 2010 game on my PlayStation 3. The 2010 basketball game was the last year they made a NCAA Basketball video game (2014 was last year for College Football video game). I’d love for the NCAA Basketball and Football video games to start being made again. And I think the players should get compensated a percentage for their image in the game.

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