Green Bay Packers Lose to Detroit Lions, Eliminated From Postseason

The Green Bay Packers (8-9) fall one win short of making it to the postseason, as they lost to the Detroit Lions (9-8) in the regular season finale, 20-16, at Lambeau Field.

Besides losing in the Super Bowl; that’s about the worst possible outcome of a season you can imagine. Play like trash for 12 weeks, then go on a four-game winning streak to almost save your season, then have a classic Packers meltdown to lose it in the last game of the regular season.

The way the game played out almost felt perfectly symbolic of the 2022 Green Bay Packers season.

The Lambeau mystique is officially dead. Nobody is scared of coming here anymore. Nobody.

This game is hardly all on Aaron Rodgers. Allen Lazard and AJ Dillon both had drops early. Romeo Doubs had two critical drops in the second half. Aaron Jones fumbled while Packers were driving. Yosh Nijman couldn’t hold up early.

But Aaron Rodgers panicked in the big moment. Again. Threw at Devante’s feet in 2020 NFC Championship game. Threw it up into a triple covered Devante in 2021 NFC Divisional Round. Threw it up to Watson tonight. Rinse and repeat for the $50M quarterback.

“The same things that hurt us all year hurt us tonight,” Aaron Rodgers with a perfect encapsulation of the evening’s performance.

Matt LaFleur postgame said: “A lot of times when you have success, certain things are covered up by winning games. But everything is pretty much exposed right now.”

The defense wasn’t perfect by any stretch tonight, but they played well enough to win that game. But lord almighty, between Rasul Douglas and Quay Walker, someone needs to get those guys in check. Stupid penalties cost the Packers dearly tonight.

Quay Walker is a dipshit (excuse my language). He got ejected on a Sunday Night game in Buffalo the end of October for pushing a Bills staff member. Tonight, he was ejected for pushing a Lions trainer. Just stupid and selfish penalties that he clearly hasn’t learned from. Inexcusable.

It’s going to be an interesting offseason at 1265 Lombardi Avenue. The Packers have the 15th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

I think the 2023 version of the Green Bay Packers is going to be a much younger team than the 2022 version.

The Packers I believe have 18 pending veteran free agents heading into the 2023 offseason. Many are not going to return.

Matt LaFleur “absolutely” wants Aaron Rodgers back. Rodgers said “I’m not going to hold them hostage” on his timetable for making a decision in a timely manner. But he made it clear he’s going to take some time and let the emotion subside.

LaFleur said they’re going to look at “every facet of our program” with a “fine-toothed comb” this offseason.

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