Mississippi State Football Coach Mike Leach Passes Away at Age 61

This is a terrible day for college football.

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach has died. He was 61 years old.

Leach suffered what the school said were complications from a heart issue on Sunday morning and was transported to a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. Leach had his family at his side in the hospital. He died Monday night.

It’s a devastating day. Mike Leach is a 1 of 1 coach and personality. His humor and knowledge will be missed by so many.

Leach was one of the best characters in sports and was an innovator that helped college football. In a world where coaches are corporate and mostly the same, Leach stood out because he was genuinely himself.

There’s countless stories and videos that I loved of Mike Leach, but one of them was when he told someone to take a girl out for a steak dinner and if she ate the whole thing, marry her.

Mike Leach isn’t eligible for the College Football Hall of Fame because he didn’t win 60-percent of his games as a head coach.

He won 59.6 percent of his games (158-107 record) as a head coach. They need to change this rule because Leach is a Hall of Fame coach.

It’s still so hard to put into words the impact he had on players. Leach was a unique personality and independent thinker and a heck of a coach.

Rest Easy Mike Leach.

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