Luke Fickell to Wisconsin News

Life comes at you fast in 2022. Good, bad, or indifferent, this is the end of Wisconsin Football as we know it. Buckle up.

Nothing is official yet as I write this, but it’s looking more and more likely as the day goes on that Luke Fickell will be the next head football coach at the University of Wisconsin.

Fickell has a career record of 63-25 (.716) in seven seasons as a college head coach. He went 6-7 in his lone season at Ohio State in 2011 and has gone 57-18 at Cincinnati the last six seasons.

Sometimes, making the easiest decision is the hardest decision and the old adage of not f-ing things up by overthinking it applies.

Fickell has never won as a full time coach in a power five conference. Gary Andersen was a proven winner before coming to Wisconsin, Don Morton was too. Not everyone can make the transition.

As mentioned a second ago, Fickell has never won in a power conference, Fickell’s Ohio State team mightily struggled. Fickell has feasted at Cincinnati in a bad conference, he has a bunch of uninspiring wins this year vs. bad teams. The questions are the same as they would have been with Jim Leonhard.

Fickell is FAR from a sure thing.

The way Chris McIntosh has handled the process has been an absolute joke from the beginning, in countless ways. Being an athletic director is not like ranting on social media after a game … but here we are.

Here’s the other thing, if you’re not going to hire Jim Leonhard as the full time head coach, what was the point of firing Paul Chryst mid-season?

Losing Jimmy Leonhard will be the worst mistake Wisconsin will ever make. His knowledge/feel for the game along with being able to relate to players is phenomenal.

As I wrote yesterday … be careful what you wish for. Time will tell, but even if you believe the ceiling is higher … so is the floor. McIntosh has made a joke of the process, but at least he’s willing to put his job on the line. If this doesn’t work out, then McIntosh needs to be held accountable.

My heart breaks for Jim Leonhard and the current players and current/future recruits. They abruptly lose their head coach Paul Chryst, whom they loved.

Then they were left in the dark about the head coaching situation, then all arrows pointed to Leonhard being the guy. And then after a tough loss to Minnesota to end the year, McIntosh pivots to Fickell.

It’s essentially like the program went through two huge firings this year. Brutal.

This is a total slap in the face to the players and to Leonhard.

Chris McIntosh absolutely butchered this process and players are irate, and rightfully so. I am anticipating a mass exodus of players leaving for the transfer portal, and quite frankly I wouldn’t blame them in this situation.

Here’s my solution:

Fickell specifically states he is taking a pay cut to keep Leonhard around as the Defensive Coordinator. McIntosh sits down with Leonhard and makes him the coach in waiting in 5 years.

Jim doesn’t want to leave. And I’m telling you right now, Fickell WILL bail on Wisconsin just like Gary Andersen did when he can’t get the kids into Wisconsin like he can easily get them into Cincinnati and Ohio State.

For now, the Jim Leonhard to Green Bay for the Packers DC job speculation will begin.

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One thought on “Luke Fickell to Wisconsin News”

  1. Good luck with that!! Why would he come into a COMPLETE train wreck!!! Who else is on the list of candidates? Knute Rockne? Bill Walsh?!?!

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