Green Bay Packers Losing Streak Hits Five Games In A Row With Loss To Detroit Lions

It’s becoming abundantly clear that the only reason the Green Bay Packers defense was dominant in training camp was because the Packers offense is so awful.

The Packers (3-6) lost to the Detroit Lions (2-6) today at Ford Field by a final score of 15-9.

It was an embarrassing performance from the Packers today, mainly on offense.

To score nine points on the worst defense in the NFL is inexcusable.

Aaron Rodgers, who’s been very mediocre this season (by NFL standards), was god awful today. He threw three interceptions on the day, two of them from inside the Detroit 10-yard line.

I said it back in February (you can fact check me by reading the blog) that Packers needed to move on from Aaron Rodgers during the offseason. Obviously, right now I have the beauty of hindsight being 20-20 to confirm my thoughts from nine months ago. I even talked a little bit about it in this blog two days after the Divisional Round loss.

Aaron Rodgers is a top three quarterback in Green Bay Packers history, no question about it. But the championship window with Rodgers has closed. Whatever Aaron Rodgers was going to do in a Green Bay Packers uniform, he’s done it.

People will defend Rodgers until they are blue in the face. Yes, the team has other issues, but Rodgers is simply NOT the player he used to be. He is part of the problem.

Rodgers hits linebacker in the helmet for an interception. Rodgers throws an awful pass in the end zone for an interception. Rodgers missed a wide open Toure for a touchdown. Rodgers throws an awful interception on a pass to Robert Tonyan.

Rodgers throws a beautiful touchdown to Allen Lazard and all of the Rodgers backers who can’t handle criticism “SEE, RODGERS IS STILL GREAT!”

Aaron Rodgers said this week: “I want to go down swinging. I want to throw it. In order to win, we have to push the ball down field.”

Remind me the definition of insanity again?

The Packers ran 33 plays in the first half. Six went to Aaron Jones. Six. I cannot get over the absurdity of not using your best player over and over and over again. I mean for all things holy, trade him at the deadline if you’re not going to use him.

Matt LaFleur, this is your moment. It’s time. Is it your team or 12’s? Because if it’s yours, then start acting like it and be the damn head coach of the team.

Here’s a little something for you:

1st & Goal – Lions 5 yard line – 0 points.

1st & Goal – Lions 1 yard line – 0 points.

1st & 10 – Lions 23 yard line – 0 points.

1st & 10 – Lions 14 yard line – 3 points.

1st & 10 – Lions 17 yard line – 0 points.

The Green Bay Packers lost by six points.

The defense wasn’t perfect by any stretch today, but they gave the offense chances to take the lead/win the game.

The frustrating part of the loss is that Detroit didn’t play a very good game. The Packers beat themselves. Both teams deserved to lose the way they played.

The Packers next three games: vs. Dallas (6-2), vs. Tennessee (5-2) four days later on TNF, then @ Philadelphia (8-0) on SNF Thanksgiving weekend. Buckle up.

Unless something drastically changes, the Packers for all realistic purposes will be eliminated from playoff contention after this three game stretch.

As I finish this blog, I’m going to bring back the Aaron Rodgers conversation: The point of bringing my blog from February back up today and you saw his performance today, which put an exclamation point on his let’s just say “less than stellar” year.

The Aaron Rodgers window is slammed shut. It’s not even about whether Jordan Love or Aaron Rodgers is better, or who gives them the best chance to win in this mostly lost cause of a 2022 season. The point is you need to see what you have in Jordan Love.

The Packers would have the No. 8 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft if the draft was right now. That would mean they’d also have the No. 39 pick, since the Miami Dolphins lost their first round pick. So Green Bay would have two top-40 picks in the draft to get a potential quarterback if needed.

The Rodgers contract extension was an extremely bad investment.

The other reason why I felt the Packers should trade Rodgers in the offseason is because with his contract extension, the Packers are now dead in the water when it comes to Rodgers’ contract, meaning he can’t retire or be traded without it being a financial apocalypse for Green Bay.

What you’re seeing here in this 2022 season are the repercussions of bringing Rodgers back on a contract extension, when a rebuild needed to occur.

Up Next:

The Packers will host the Dallas Cowboys (6-2) at Lambeau Field on Sunday, November 13th. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:25 p.m. (CST) and will be televised on FOX.

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