Deflating Loss Is Microcosm Of Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season

The Milwaukee Brewers (78-70) had a 4-0 in the sixth inning, but then allowed seven runs over the next four outs and went on to lose 7-5 to the New York Mets (95-55) Tuesday night at American Family Field.

The Brewers, of course, did not gain any ground on Philadelphia. Time, quite simply, is running out.

The Brewers bullpen has worn me out. And it has nothing to do with trading away Josh Hader back in July. It’s just one inconsistent reliever after another since June. Unless the starter goes seven or eight innings, it’s a total crapshoot.

The reality that few want to admit is the biggest difference between the 2021 team and the 2022 team has to be the drop of the starting pitching, from great, to merely good. The discussion of the bullpen/trade deadline is like complaining about the side pickle when the burger is undercooked. Yes, some of that has been injury. Some of that is some expected regression from Corbin Burnes, but the hit the starting pitching has taken this season blows everything else out of the water.

Unfortunately, the batting and bullpen weren’t good enough to overcome the drop off. Actually, they weren’t good enough period. Starters, bullpen, fielding, hitting all hovering a little above or a little below in everything. They are what they are: a good team who had a little extra grace because of stupid playoff rules and a terrible division.

The bullpen the last month and change has been disheartening to say the least. Different guy every night. But that’s not the reason they won’t be making the 2022 MLB Postseason, just a very noticeable talking point.

This season has not been fun since May. And even though the Brewers have only been 2 1/2 (technically 3 1/2 since they don’t own any tiebreakers) of Wild Card since August 1st, there’s never been a real sense of possibly they would make the playoffs.

As a matter of fact, this has been the weirdest season that I can remember for the Brewers because there hasn’t been any excitement or optimism around this team all season (even back in April and May!).

That’s because the Brewers spent the season marketing:

  • The Yankees
  • $6 Concession Voucher (don’t get me started on this)
  • A Cubs no hitter from two years ago
  • Some golf thing that hurt Freddy Peralta
  • Fans on Twitter who went to a game for the first time

Okay I’m going there about the voucher. It would be so easy to do a $10 voucher. But the Brewers (Mark Attanasio) made it $6 to profit just a little bit off their “generous” promotion. They thought they were heroes when everyone saw right through it.

Great, that $6 voucher bought fans 80-percent of a hot dog.

The boo’s were out in full force Tuesday night in Milwaukee at American Family Field.

The irony of David Stearns trading Hader for Taylor Rogers (and prospects), then Rogers serving up a grand slam as Mets stick a dagger into the Brewers playoff hopes, allowing David Stearns to jump to the Mets if they (Brewers) don’t make it in to the playoffs.

When Mark Attanasio bought the Milwaukee Brewers in 2005, he paid $228 million. In 2022, the franchise was valued as being worth $1.28 billion, by Forbes.

Mark Attanasio has made a lot of money off the fans. The fans deserve better.

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