Thoughts On Milwaukee Brewers Trade Deadline

The Milwaukee Brewers started with an interesting trade yesterday to start their moves prior to today’s trade deadline.

The Brewers sent the best reliever in baseball to the San Diego Padres and received four players in return.

The return for Hader is underwhelming in my opinion, but it’s a situation where you get as much for a guy who you know does not have a long-term future with the team.

Hader had struggled in July prior to the All Star Break but seemingly regrouped back to his normal self post All Star Break. Hader leaves the Brewers with a career 2.48 ERA, 0.882 WHIP, an absurd 15.4 strikeouts per nine innings and 125 saves with the club.

The Brewers are trying to do their best to simultaneously maximize both their short and long term chances. The club feels Rogers and Lamet can help mitigate the loss of Hader, while Ruiz and Gasser could bring long-term payoff.

Based on some conversations and remarks I’ve heard over the last week, I figured Hader was going to get traded, but I assumed it would be in the offseason.

General Manager David Stearns commented on the balance of win now versus avoiding another rebuild. Stearns always says he believes the best strategy is getting as many “bites of the apple” as possible, which sometimes means tough decisions need to be made.

Some might say that real contenders take big boy bites instead of being content with nibbling.

I gotta say…Juan Soto, Josh Hader and Trent Grisham on the same team is kinda hilarious. For those that don’t get this…think of the 2019 Wild Card game.

Then more trade news happened on Monday night as it was released that the Brewers traded away infielder Mark Mathias and left handed reliever Antoine Kelly to the Texas Rangers and received right handed pitcher Matt Bush in return.

Matt Bush on the trade to the Milwaukee Brewers:

Then to basically complete the trades, the Brewers traded away outfielder Tristan Peters to the San Francisco Giants and in return Milwaukee got reliever Trevor Rosenthal.

Rosenthal has not pitched in the Majors since 2020. San Francisco signed him a few weeks ago for $4.5 Million while rehabbing a hamstring injury. When he’s right, he throws hard and he also has lots of closing experience.

Milwaukee is hoping for a late-August call-up for Rosenthal, who recently tweaked his injured hamstring. Milwaukee has already moved him to the Brewers’ rehab facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Milwaukee didn’t get any (MLB) bats in any of the trades. That puts pressure on the starting nine to pick it up offensively. The club hired two new hitting coaches during the offseason, we’ll see if they have any grand ideas.

I’m sure Milwaukee Brewers fans have felt a lot of different emotions over the last 24 hours, but trust David Stearns, he hasn’t gotten too many of these things wrong.

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