Milwaukee Brewers DFA Fan Favorite Lorenzo Cain

On the exact day that Lorenzo Cain reached 10 years of Major League Baseball service, the Milwaukee Brewers made the tough decision to designate the former Gold Glover for assignment.

This in all likelihood signifies that Lo Cain’s time as a Brewer has come to an end.

By waiting until Lorenzo Cain accumulated the 10 years of MLB service time, Cain gets a fully vested pension. A true class move by the Brewers to make sure Lo Cain got his full benefit before letting him go.

Since Cain returned to Milwaukee in 2018, Cain had been named an All-Star and finally won his long awaited first Gold Glove in 2019.

Lorenzo Cain is a two-time All-Star, a Gold Glove winner and a World Series Champion (2015 with Kansas City Royals).

Time will tell if Cain’s career has come to an end in the exact spot that it began, back when Milwaukee drafted him in 2004 and making his MLB debut with the Brewers in 2010.

This is a sad day for Brewers fans.

Cain’s 2018 season will forever be remembered by fans of the Crew.

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