My Thoughts On Oakland A’s Attendance, Or Lack Thereof, in 2022

We’re officially two weeks into the 2022 Major League Baseball season and it’s still too early to decide which team is realistically a “surprise” team this season.

In this article I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on the Oakland A’s attendance issues.

Oakland has a population of approximately 425,000 and the population in the Bay Area is approximately 7,760,000 per 2020 numbers.

Attendance for the Oakland A’s first home series of the 2022 season (please note, there is no typo in the numbers):

  • Game 1: 17,503
  • Game 2: 3,748
  • Game 3: 2,703

That’s a total combined attendance of 23,954 in three games.

The boycott is officially on.

To those of you that are clowning the A’s for having poor attendance:

Go ahead. 3,000 fans in attendance is sad and embarrassing. But, understand why this is happening.

It’s not for a lack of fans nor is it an indictment on fans.

This is a boycott by A’s fans after nearly two decades of watching their owner refuse to invest in the team that they love.

An owner that has traded or let walk fan favorites such as Matt Olsen, Marcus Semien and Matt Chapman because he can’t “afford them.”

An owner whose team still plays in a stadium with sewage problems. A stadium that has horse troughs as urinals in the restroom.

An owner who sent his President to Las Vegas and Portland to do research for relocation.

An owner who has a team payroll that ranks second-to-last (again).

Oakland A’s fans are great and I’ve never had a negative encounter with any before.

Why would an A’s fan go to a game when they just raised season ticket prices after trading their stars?

Why would an A’s fan buy a jersey of a player when that player in nearly guaranteed to be traded or let walk in two years?

Why give the owner what he wants?

I’ve been to countless games at the Coliseum. The Right Field Rowdies are amazing. Playoff games in Oakland are unbelievable. The Coliseum experience is unique.

It’s not that A’s fans don’t exist, they’re just tired of the BS.

It’s a boycott.

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