Milwaukee Brewers Lose To Chicago Cubs

The Milwaukee Brewers (0-2) put out an embarrassing effort at Wrigley Field and fall to the Chicago Cubs (2-0), 9-0.

I know it’s only two games, but can we please stop the Brewers World Series talk until September? Pathetic effort so far in two games in every aspect: horrible pitching, really bad defense, inept offense. And doing it against a very bad team, one that you lost to just four times in all of 2021. Is that too harsh?

Dating back to the 2021 postseason, asking for even just one run is very difficult.

With today’s loss, the all-time series between the Brewers and Cubs is 200-200.

Nobody in baseball whines more about getting hit (as a result of his hitting style) than Willson Contreras. That results in Cubs pitchers feeling they need to retaliate for his whiny bitchiness is a joke, leading to all sorts of these ridiculous situations.

If you have a style that works for you (and he does) that also has the end result of being plunked, then that is your choice. It isn’t the fault of opposing pitchers.

Just a side note: Since the start of the 2020 season, Brewers pitchers have hit Cubs batters 27 times. Cubs pitchers have hit Brewers batters 26 times. Yet, Cubs (Contreras) think that the Brewers have it out for them.

Milwaukee starter Brandon Woodruff struggled mightily, only going 3 2/3 innings, allowing seven runs on six hits and three walks, while only striking out two batters.

Up Next:

The Brewers and Cubs will play the series finale from Wrigley Field tomorrow, April 10th. First pitch is scheduled for 1:20 PM (Central Time).

Freddy Peralta is the scheduled starter for Milwaukee.

Marcus Stroman is the scheduled starter for Chicago.

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