Milwaukee Bucks World Championship Parade

Today was Parade Day in Milwaukee to celebrate and honor the Milwaukee Bucks World Championship!

Tuesday night was the best sports night of my life. Going to the game and watching them win their first Title in 50 years in person, that feeling is so intoxicating and so indescribable. I attended the Championship Parade today to just continue to soak all of this in.

We tend to take things for granted more than we should. Bucks fans can’t take this for granted. You never know if or when you’ll get another chance to experience this again.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day today, Milwaukee. Once in a lifetime moment. You had to soak every moment in.

Giannis Antetokounmpo now owns Milwaukee!! Didn’t join a super-team and finished the process!!


Everybody loved the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers. But Milwaukee as a city that had a parade for a losing team is DEAD. Championship City doesn’t do that anymore. From now on, everyone will just wonder how losing ever got a parade in CHAMPIONSHIP CITY.

I’m hearing that the crowd for the Bucks Championship Parade was somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000. Way to show up Milwaukee and Wisconsin! Now I’m going to get greedy and say let’s do this again in November….you’re on the clock, Brewers!

Up Next:

The NBA Draft is on Thursday, July 29. The Milwaukee Bucks only have one draft pick this year, which is the 31st overall pick (first pick in second round).

I’m ready for the World Champion Milwaukee Bucks basketball to start again.

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