The Milwaukee Bucks Are NBA Champions!!!

Good morning! Today we woke up as World Champions!

The Milwaukee Bucks are World Champions for the first time since 1971!

The Bucks took down the Phoenix Suns, 105-98, last night in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

It is really hitting me this morning that the Milwaukee Bucks are the 2021 NBA Champions. Who needs caffeine when you’re riding the adrenaline wave of winning the NBA Title?!

I went from watching the Bucks play with Johnny O’Brien, to watching the Bucks win the Larry O’Brien in person!

I attended the game last night and I’ll never forget this moment. I can’t believe this is real life. I’ve dreamed of this moment for years! Just unbelievable!

It feels like heaven! Heaven must feel like this!

Hey Philadelphia, you up?

The Fiserv Forum was really going crazy and feeling it when Khris Middleton hit a jumper to put the Bucks up 102-96 with 56.9 seconds remaining.

It was an unimpeachable Finals performance by Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Giannis Antetokounmpo committed to Milwaukee earlier than he needed to. He then went on to drop 50 points in a Championship clinching game for the cities’ first NBA Title in 50 years. Now that contract extension kicks in. A playoff run for the ages.

Giannis going 17-of-19 from the free throw line in a Championship clinching game is as clutch as it gets. Incredible.

Giannis, deservedly so, won the Finals MVP award.

He became one of the world’s best players and suffered painful losses.

He chose to stay with this team and fight for a ring, for the city of Milwaukee.

Last night, he became the greatest player to have worn a Bucks jersey.

Thank you, Giannis. It’s been a privilege.

Promise fulfilled:

Giannis said he easily could have joined a superteam, done his part with other stars and won that way. He said “That’s the easy way.” Then pounds the table and said this was the hard way.

Giannis Antetokounmpo saved the NBA.

I’m so happy this wasn’t in the bubble. Not even throwing shade to last year, just so special that game last night was played in Milwaukee.

I will say, last night was a tough night for the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers fan bases who were certain that Giannis would leave Milwaukee for California.

Jrue Holiday has earned a $1,000,000 bonus with Milwaukee winning the NBA Championship. The Bucks are now luxury tax team as a result of the bonus (something ownership I’m sure is happy to pay).

This image will live in infamy:

Honest question: When is the Brandon Jennings statue going up in Milwaukee?

So the Suns lost how many games in a row?

I saw a quote: “Milwaukee just stole Chris Paul’s first ring, State Farm can’t cover that!”

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