Game 6 of NBA Finals: Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns

There’s no way I’m sleeping tonight.

We’ve been screaming “Bucks In Six” for years, thank you Brandon Jennings, mostly as a way to cover up the pain we’ve endured behind those words and now it actually may very well be Bucks In Six for the championship.

This is a love story that you can’t even find in the best of books.

You’ll be catching me in the streets like this if the Bucks win tomorrow:

The Milwaukee Bucks are opening up to 65,000 outside the arena in Deer District. Is there any need to play this game?

I need help from Downtown Milwaukee. I put these chairs down on Wisconsin Avenue to reserve a spot for the Bucks parade and they have been removed. I need to know who to contact so I can have them replaced.

Now going back to the game(s). I’m tired of Devin Booker whining too much. Truthfully, the refs call too many fouls anyway. I want basketball to go back to the 1990’s where you can foul all you want and nobody gets called, (Make Basketball Great Again!).

If that was the case, Booker would be in the G-League. Overall, Booker has been the Suns best player in the series. But the way he goes about it is sort of jeckyl and hyde. He is either super hot or dead cold. The problem for Phoenix is he’s going to shoot it either way every time he touches it. So on a bad night, he shoots Phoenix out of the game. On a good night, everybody else just stands around and watches him. It’s tough for the Suns to get into a rhythm.

Two thoughts:

  • If Phoenix loses and Chris Paul doesn’t get a ring, he can blame his Game 4 performance for it. He looked like he was hitting the crack pipe during timeouts.
  • People do not appreciate the fact that Jrue Holiday is wearing down the Suns’ guards as the series moves on. Phoenix torched him the first two games, but now they are looking less and less successful each game. Bodes well for the Bucks this week.

As I wrote in my blog prior to Game 2, that the Bucks needed to use Jrue Holiday to wear down Chris Paul and Devin Booker both on the offensive and defensive ends, that’s why I have to give Mike Budenholzer some credit. Bud has made better adjustments.

I think Monty Williams is too uptight and his players are kind of taking his personality.

Bud doesn’t do as much in-game coaching and I think it has helped Milwaukee be the more relaxed team. Bud’s adjustments in practices in between the games starting after Game 2 have been excellent. Someone needs to tell him it is okay to do that before you are down 0-2.

Giannis Antetokounmpo might win a championship without the help of a super-team. Lebron James hasn’t really done that. Kevin Durant hasn’t really done that. That would be huge for Giannis’ legacy.

Khris Middleton earlier today said: “The best thing is to expect the unexpected. We got things we haven’t used yet.”

My Prediction:

I’m ready for tomorrow …. it’s going to taste sweet.

Milwaukee Bucks 114, Phoenix Suns 112.

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