Game 7: Milwaukee Bucks @ Brooklyn Nets

The Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets will play in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals tonight at 7:30 PM (Central Time) inside the Barclays Center with the game being televised on TNT.

Here we go again Wisconsin sports fans — facing another Elimination game on the road — where have I seen this movie before with the Bucks, Brewers and Packers.

I’m not going to ask you twice today, please say “Go Bucks!”

As I write this, Brooklyn is a 2 point favorite, per Bovada.

Steve Nash continues to complain about the 10-second free throw violation when Giannis Antetokounmpo is shooting:

The extent that this appears to be bothering Steve Nash and the Nets is very weird to me. Everyone knows he takes longer than 10 seconds, he’s been doing it all season long without it being called, carrying on about it during the playoffs just seems odd to me.

Go grab some tissue and cry some more, Steve.

Is Steve Nash aware that lane violations aren’t being enforced on Brooklyn? The refs also haven’t enforced James Harden’s flops and hooks either. If Nash is going to complain about that, then his team better be squeaky clean on violations that aren’t being enforced.

I don’t know how I missed this on Thursday night, but you know a Wisconsin sports team is doing good when Skip is tweeting out Fast and Furious tweets:

As I wrote in my blog Thursday night, the Milwaukee Bucks are 2-8 all-time in Game 7’s. The last Game 7 win was against the Charlotte Hornets in the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 2001. Since that win? The Bucks are 0-3 in Game 7’s.

I would like to see Bobby Portis get some burn tonight. Not saying he should get 25-30 minutes, but I think he should be getting around 10-15.

If the Bucks win this game, I will sign up for a marathon run somewhere in Wisconsin.

My Prediction:

I’m predicting that this will be the final game of this series.

Comment with your predictions!

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