Milwaukee Bucks Season on the Line in Game 6 Against Brooklyn Nets

Tipoff for tonight’s Game 6 inside the Fiserv Forum is at 7:30 PM (Central Time) and is going to be nationally televised on ESPN.

I’m going to start by saying this: This is why I don’t trust Adam Silver and the NBA….

There is zero explanation for the NBA to put themselves into this situation with Zach Zarba being a ref, let alone the lead ref, for Brooklyn playoff games.

Kane Fitzgerald is also one of the officials tonight. Where’s he from? Dover, New Jersey and currently still resides in New Jersey!

Referees should not be put in the spot to make calls in big games for or against the community in which they live.

Zarba hasn’t exactly officiated Milwaukee Bucks games super fairly either.

There is a scenario that exists in which I stop caring about the NBA after tonight. There’s too much history with this stuff and if it comes down to the Bucks getting screwed by the refs again, I don’t know if I could keep doing this. It would seem pointless.

In soccer, they hand pick refs that have no affiliation with the club/country represented in the game. The NBA should do the same.

It’s pretty early to announce starters, but cool, at least Bud is making some adjustments.

Coach Mike Budenholzer could be the captain of a sinking ship and his adjustment would be hoping that the ocean runs out of water.

I will say this. The Philadelphia 76ers blew a 26-point lead last night, which is tied for the third largest blown lead in the playoffs in the last 25 postseasons, made me feel slightly less bad about the Bucks blowing a 17-point lead on Tuesday night.

For those of you that always crap on the state of Wisconsin, just look how beautiful the Fiserv Forum and Milwaukee was this morning:

Here’s some of what I’d like to see from the Bucks tonight in Game 6:

  • No iso’s (or very rarely depending on circumstance).
  • Attack James Harden
  • Stop sagging on defense
  • Giannis and Tucker split time defending KD
  • Give Portis some burn

I could absolutely see the Milwaukee Bucks forcing a Game 7 as long as they keep the foot on the gas tonight.

What are your predictions for tonight’s Game 6? Comment below with your predictions!

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