Milwaukee Bucks Blow Game 5 in Brooklyn

Being a fan of Wisconsin sports teams is a legitimate disease. In the end, Wisconsin sports will always let you down. The heartbreak, it just never ends.

The entire franchise was on the line in the fourth quarter and the Milwaukee Bucks folded in Game 5 at the Barclays Center in a 114-108 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

We’ve seen this movie all to often. I don’t even know what to say anymore about this franchise. Nobody despises winning and prosperity quite like the Milwaukee Bucks….NO ONE!

The officiating wasn’t good, but I’m not blaming them one bit.

For me, 80 percent of this loss falls on Mike Budenholzer. The game never should have came down to the final minutes, or even the fourth quarter really.

The Bucks were in control of the game for the first two and a half quarters, until Bud decided to run iso ball. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work. Not to mention Bud and his idiotic defensive philosophies let the Nets other guys go to work with open jumpers.

Going back to the embarrassment the offense was over the final 18 minutes: If you’re going to run iso ball — which I’m against — why on earth were you isoing so often against Kevin Durant? And not James Harden? Or anyone besides Brooklyn’s best defender?

Down the stretch, Brook Lopez had no one to guard and yet PJ Tucker — the guy whose defense won you the last two games!! — was sitting on the bench.

Bud had no plan for the second half. Never adjusted. Didn’t take advantage of mismatches. No Bobby Portis for some reason.

Just mind-numbing stuff from Mike Budenholzer.

Bud never adjusts. That’s going to lose the Bucks this series they had no business losing (for the third time in three years) after Kyrie went down.

Game 2 was somehow more palatable than what we witnessed tonight.

I would genuinely love to see the stats for number of passes in the second half by the Bucks, or passes per possession and how it compares to the league average. It felt like there would be MAYBE one pass, IF THAT, not including the inbounds pass.

Giannis down the stretch: A couple missed free throws, turnover before dunk to tie it, and no better than a fade away 10 footer while being guarded by James Harden. All the fears of what could happen in a close playoff game with the 2-time MVP. Can’t make free throws consistently and the half court game isn’t good enough. The truth hurts.

Also, in case you forgot me telling you this: Khris Middleton is NOT worth the max-contract the Bucks gave him in 2019.

They were up 17.

Harden couldn’t move and actually hurt the Nets more than he helped, yet he still managed to play 44 minutes and Bud couldn’t find a way to run him off the court.

I do love that Charles Barkley postgame was basically saying Bud should be fired.

The road is going to come to an end on Thursday for the Milwaukee Bucks. And it better be Mike Budenholzer’s last game as the Bucks head coach.

Up Next:

Game 6 from the Fiserv Forum will be Thursday, June 17. Tipoff is set for 7:30 PM (Central Time) and will be nationally televised on ESPN.

Give me your predictions for Thursday’s game. I think we all know who will win….

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