Wisconsin Badgers Deserved Better Fate In Loss To Iowa

I’ve said this before in my blogs and I’ll say it again….Bo Boroski should NEVER be allowed to officiate another Wisconsin Badgers basketball game.

How is Bo Boroski still allowed to officiate games? Serious question.

I will personally start a GoFundMe page for Greg Gard’s fine to rip into the officiating in his postgame media availability.

The Badgers deserved a much better fate in today’s loss to the No. 5 Iowa Hawkeyes.

Instead, the officiating aiding Iowa to a 77-73 victory.

Micah Potter had an outstanding game on both ends of the court today, finishing with 23 points on 9-of-12 from the field.

Brad Davison finished with 14 points and Jonathan Davis finished with 11.

To the officiating crew that worked the game today:

Congratulations. You successfully ruined a heck of a college basketball game.



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