Parting Thanks To The Best Leader We’ve Ever Had

I’m writing this because I watched Donald J Trump’s “farewell speech” from the White House today.

I want to say thank you to President Trump for bringing us the vaccine in such a short time. He was laughed at and called a liar, and total silence since the vaccine came out.

I thank him for the amazing economy prior to covid and for the great gas prices, making us energy independent and giving us a beautiful great wall (which Biden said he would not finish, and will legalize 11 million illegal immigrants).

I also thank President Trump for the lowest unemployment, lower taxes, no wars and getting peace in the Middle East.

President Trump has been the greatest President in my lifetime. He’s also the best President in history in my opinion. The second best President we’ve had was Ronald Reagan.

Trump never said what he thinks we want to hear; he said what needed to be heard.

God Bless Donald Trump and our First Lady, who never got any respect.

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