2020 College Football Season Officially Over

The 2020 College Football season has officially come to a close after Alabama ran away from Ohio State last night, 52-24, to win their sixth National Championship since the start of the 2009 season.

I can’t deny Alabama’s greatness. I also can’t deny that College Football has become predictable and boring regarding the 4-team playoff. When the committee favors two or three teams of making the playoff each year, interest wanes.

In the seven years of the College Football Playoff, 11 of the 14 spots in the National Championship game have been filled by Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson. Those three teams have also won six of the seven titles. Instead of the College Football Playoff, they should call it the National Invitation Tournament.

The College Football Playoff powerbrokers need to find a way to even the playing field a bit.

I recommend moving the playoff to minimum six teams, but ideally eight teams would be the good number.

In the 17 years before the CFP, there were 13 different National Champions. But it wasn’t “good enough” for a certain segment of College Football. So now we have a system that has elevated just a handful of programs above everyone else.

We now only have 32 weeks until the 2021 College Football season begins!

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