Support Southern Kitchen Los Gatos!

The restaurant Southern Kitchen Los Gatos in, you guessed it, Los Gatos, California is a family run place.

Like many small businesses during the pandemic, they have had some trouble.

Everyone, please support small businesses and family run restaurants during this time!!! They are often significantly better than chain stores/restaurants.

Southern Kitchen Los Gatos’ website is if you’d like to check out their menu.

They are open for takeout, curbside and delivery every day of the week and their hours are 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Pacific Time). You can also use DoorDash to order from them!

Give them a call to place an order at 408-354-7515 OR 408-560-9265.

“We can cook you up a great brunch with eggs Benedict, fried green tomatoes, whatever you want,” owner Michael Williams said. “We have quality champagnes by the bottle, or we can make you mimosas.”

If you don’t live in the Bay Area, but would like to support them in some way, they have setup a GoFundMe page. You can check out and donate to it by clicking here!

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