Random Sports Thoughts

Nick Saban out-schemed the coronavirus to be able to be on the sidelines for the Alabama Crimson Tide’s game tonight against the Georgia Bulldogs.

This is what makes him the greatest coach in sports.

I am pumped that the Big Ten and Mountain West will begin their seasons next week!

In MLB news, the Los Angeles Dodgers forced a game seven tomorrow after they beat the Braves in game six tonight.

Major League Baseball likely wants a Dodgers/Astros World Series matchup because viewership is down and people have hate towards the Houston Astros due to them cheating.

Viewership is down for professional sports, in large part because people watch sports to, you know, watch sports, not be told what to do.

I say screw the viewership numbers and let’s have a Tampa Bay Rays/Atlanta Braves World Series showdown!

As I write this, the Tampa Bay Rays are leading the Houston Astros, 3-0, in the Top of the 4th. Will they hang on?

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