MLB Playoff Predictions

It took until the final day of the regular season to figure out the 16 teams to fight it out in the postseason.

Here’s the bracket:

The Wild Card round is a best-of-three series, while the Division Series is a best-of-five and the Championship Series as well as World Series is a best-of-seven.

With that, I’ll be giving my predictions.

NL Wild Card:

#1 LA Dodgers vs #8 Milwaukee Brewers

Prediction: Dodgers win series 2-1

#2 Atlanta Braves vs #7 Cincinnati Reds

Prediction: Braves win series 2-1

#3 Chicago Cubs vs #6 Miami Marlins

Prediction: Miami Marlins win 2-1

#4 San Diego Padres vs #5 Saint Louis Cardinals

Prediction: Padres win 2-0

NL Divisional Round:

#1 LA Dodgers vs #4 San Diego Padres

Prediction: Dodgers win series 3-1

#2 Atlanta Braves vs #6 Miami Marlins

Prediction: Braves win series 3-2

NL Championship Series:

#1 LA Dodgers vs #2 Atlanta Braves

Prediction: Dodgers win series 4-2

Now on to the American League.

AL Wild Card:

#1 Tampa Bay Rays vs #8 Toronto Blue Jays

Prediction: Rays win series 2-1

#2 Oakland Athletics vs #7 Chicago White Sox

Prediction: Athletics win series 2-1

#3 Minnesota Twins vs #6 Houston Astros

Prediction: Twins win series 2-1

#4 Cleveland Indians vs #5 New York Yankees

Prediction: Yankees win series 2-1

AL Divisional Round:

#1 Tampa Bay Rays vs #5 New York Yankees

Prediction: Rays win series 3-1

#2 Oakland Athletics vs #3 Minnesota Twins

Prediction: Twins win series 3-2

AL Championship Series:

#1 Tampa Bay Rays vs #3 Minnesota Twins

Prediction: Rays win series 4-3

Now here’s my World Series matchup and prediction.

World Series:

LA Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays

Prediction: LA Dodgers win the series 4-2 to win their first World Series championship since 1988.

Comment with your predictions!

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