Big Ten To Play Fall 2020 Football

The road to the return of Big Ten football has been a rocky one. There has been blood, there have been tears. It tore us all apart, but all is fair in love and the war on Big Ten football.

But we did it. Big Ten football is back, baby. It’s time to celebrate.

Each Big Ten member will play nine total games. Teams from the East Division and West Division will play each other.

The schedule will start October 24th weekend. Woah, this is an awesome idea dumb brains like myself never would’ve thought of (yes this is sarcastic, read my previous blogs on an October decision being made in early August).

I saw this headline:

I think I might go Jerry Sandusky here, but yeah this is probably worse.

The Big Ten could reclaim the 11:00 AM (CT) kickoff time on FOX, forcing Oklahoma and some Big 12 programs to kickoff at 9:00 AM. Iowa State, Kansas State and Kansas each deserve at least one 9 AM game for what they did last weekend.

Fix MACtion, Don!

Great news. I find myself incredibly bored at midnight every Saturday.

Brett McMurphy of the Stadium Network tweeted on the MWC:

Bring ’em all back! Where you at MACtion?!

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