For the first time since August 11, I believe the Big Ten will be playing football before Thanksgiving!

Are we on the 1-yard line with 99 yards to go or are we on the opponent 1-yard line about to score with a fullback dive?

Smart to not have the Pac-12 involved with this. Don knows there’s no Playoff-worthy team coming out of that conference.

Looks like someone needs help buying in to the false hope lifestyle.

Oklahoma’s September 12 season-opener against Missouri State is going to be $54.99 on pay-per-view. You just can’t put a price tag on college football.

If the Big Ten can pass updated safety measures and procedures, the conference is targeting October 10th to start the football season.

If they can start on that date, they can absolutely get an 8-10 game schedule in and still make the College Football Playoffs.

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