One Thing I Loved About The NFL Draft

While I’m still listening to Packers fans complain and complain and complain and …. well, you get the idea, about Green Bay’s selections during the 2020 NFL Draft.

There was one thing that I absolutely loved. Quarterback Alex Hornibrook was NOT drafted. Oh, and he remains as an undrafted Free Agent after quitting on two schools in college.

Alex Hornibrook originally committed to Pittsburgh when Paul Chryst was the head man on Fifth Ave. in Pittsburgh. Then when Chryst got the head coaching job in Madison, Hornibrook followed him.

Hornibrook redshirted his true freshman season in 2015. Then saw action in the two QB system in 2016 with Bart Houston. Then was the starting quarterback in 2017 and 2018 when he suited up.

I said from day one in 2016 when he started playing that I was not a fan of Hornibrook as a starter. I said all along that he was a decent backup QB but not a starter. I’ll be the first to admit, he had a relatively decent season in 2017, only reason I say “relatively decent” is because he had two really good games that year against BYU and Miami. Sadly, those were his only games as an above average quarterback in his Badger career.

Mind you, I really wanted true freshman Jack Coan to take the reigns in 2017 as the starting quarterback.

In 2018, Hornibrook was a disaster to no surprise.

Following the 2018 season, Hornibrook quit on the Badgers and transferred out. When that happened, I was ecstatic that he bailed and I said all along the Badgers would be better without Hornibrook.

When that happened, a family member of mine said (and I quote): “I think this is a loss, he wasn’t great, but would have provided senior leadership to a team that’s lacking it.”

And I kept saying, the Badgers will be fine with him gone. And what do you know, Badgers went 10-4 and played for the Big Ten Title. Coan wasn’t always great, but he had several good games and was pretty much at least adequate all year.

Hornibrook went to Florida State and took not so subtle shots at the Wisconsin program during Fall Camp. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to start and watch the FSU fan base turn on him or have him sit so he could see for himself that he’s not very good.

He ended up being the backup most of the season, making a couple of starts for a not very good FSU team.

What was so comical, Hornibrook quit on his second school before the FSU Bowl Game, deciding to prepare for the NFL Draft. I’m almost certain that former UW Kicker from 1997-2000, Vitaly Pisetsky, had a better chance of getting drafted than Hornibrook did.

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