My “End Of Season” write up for the Milwaukee Bucks

First off, THANK YOU Bucks for by far the most fun and meaningful season of my life.

It was a very unforgettable season for the Bucks. We’ll see if this is the seasoning that will setup Giannis and company to take advantage of opportunities yet to come.

From opening the Fiserv Forum to being two wins away from the NBA Finals this franchise has established a new level of excellence from on the floor to in the community.

Winning 60 games, having an MVP in Giannis playing the type of basketball we’ll be talking about in 50 years, Khris Middleton All Star, winning a playoff series, then another one, it was a ride that I just was not and still am not ready to end yet.

The City of Milwaukee came alive in a way I have not seen for a very long time for Bucks Basketball. But, this time Bucks new arena and Deer District gave the community a conduit to harness it and bring everyone closer together.

This was my favorite part:

I am more hopeful and positive than ever that the Bucks franchise is in a very good place with very good hands guiding it towards a bright future.

Coach Bud and Jon Horst took a good team and made it a historically great team. From draft, to trades to basketball system and culture.

Unfortunately, today, the Bucks are doing exit interviews instead of warming up for game 7.

This team will not be the same next year as uncertainty surrounds Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon, Brook Lopez, George Hill, and Nikola Mirotic.

There are no guarantees and it will be a tough road to get to the Finals.

But, I have faith.

Giannis will continue to hone his craft and will come back a better player. Maybe, he’ll take up Dirks shooting coach offer finally.

Horst has some franchise altering decisions to make. Free Agency is only a month away. Have to be prepared that teams are gunning for our guys.

I’m looking forward to see how this plays out as the Bucks continue to build a championship roster.

This definitely is only the beginning for a very bright era of Milwaukee Bucks Basketball.



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